DNVB/DTC: digital brands’s favorite e-commerce platforms

DNVB, DTC, find out what technical solutions are behind their e-commerce sites.

Whether they are “Digital Vertical Native” or “Direct to Consumer,” these new generation brands dare to start from scratch to reinvent and shake up the traditional players in their markets. As sudden as they are innovative, they quickly federate communities of believers through social networks and a meticulously designed digital experience.

We have selected some thirty brands, based on the criteria presented in the following six pages, for which we have identified the technical solutions behind their e-commerce sites.

What are their preferred platforms and applications? How can existing brands learn from them to gain agility and avoid being left behind?


  • Allbirds 

  • Asphalte 

  • Atlas Supply Co 

  • Away 

  • Bobbies 

  • Clare 

  • Cleancult 

  • Cowboy 

  • Edgard & Cooper 

  • Equal Parts 

  • Feed 

  • Funky Veggie 

  • Hims 

  • Hopaal 

  • Lundi 

  • Papier Tigre 

  • Patine 

  • Pipette 

  • Outdoor Voices 

  • Satisfy 

  • Schoolyard Snacks 

  • Seasonly 

  • Stojo

  • The Sill  

  • Tracksmith 

  • Typology 

  • Yumi