Picture Organic Clothing

Brand website redesign

A successful collaboration

Picture Organic Clothing's digital flagship is the third website we've created with the brand since their debuts in 2009. The main additions to this last one are the merchant dimension, an advanced configurator and a focus around the customer needs.

Strategy & objectives

We build an e-commerce website, but it primarily is a brand platform: it offers an immersive experience, inspires and nurtures the imagination.

A website hat breath the fundamental brand essence: Offer sustainable products and guarantee a high level of performance.

A website that put the lights on dealers, shops or pure-players: It's up to the consumers to decide whether to buy online or at a partner's shop.

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Understand and choose

The research we conducted prior to developing Picture Organic Clothing's website revealed that brands often struggle to recommend the right product for the right customer. With a plethoric catalog, it is easy for customers to get lost in their purchase journey and brands must ease this process.

With Picture Organic Clothing, Ultrō developed a simple and effective system to display the products's technical performances.

Products listing

Make it stand out

Highlights of the year, whether it's the release of a new collection, a new partnership or a unique piece of brand content, are subject to custom pages that we call "poster pages".

These pages allow for rich and fully custom experiences as they ignore the technical or visual contraints that are inherent to the catalog and e-commerce sections.

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