Rebuild group's websites

The project

Restricted call for tender for the overhaul of the Derichebourg Group's sites, which had 24,000 employees and a turnover of 2.6 billion in 2015. Derichebourg is a multi-specialist, its main activities being the environment, recycling of waste and capital goods, aeronautics and energy.

Recommandations : extracts

Activities of the group

Complex, ramified, diversified, enriched by multiple acquisitions, the presentation of the group's activities had to be completely rethought.

Derichebourg - Utilisateurs
Derichebourg - Activités
Derichebourg - Activités 2


We have extended the signage already present in the group's graphic identity to add 6 new pictograms, the result of a necessary factorisation of the activities for the understanding of all audiences.

Derichebourg - Signalétique
Derichebourg - Signalétique 2

Graphics research

Derichebourg environment