E-commerce & services

  • We support startups in their ideation process so they can validate or consolidate their ideas. We can also prototype them to truly explore what's possible and quickly implement and test various hypothesis. We can also generate functional prototypes and organize and manage user testing.

  • B2B e-commerce is changing very quickly. Professionals now expect b2b websites to be as simple and efficient as any b2b website. We create e-commerce solutions that will incorporate your business's specificities: pre-orders, bulk-orders, replenishment, salesforce, etc.

  • A brand is not a retailer. A brand is a brand, even when selling its products online. It should be remarkable and unique through its visual identity, its wording but also through the quality and the exclusivity of the content it provides: editorial content, advices... We help you create these unique experiences that will make the difference over your competitors.